Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden Up Date

Okay I know this is gonna sound strange but every year in my garden I usually let one seed that survived the heat of the compost pile blossom into a plant. Well this year I kinda got carried away and I allowed 3 plants to grow. Two of the plants are tomatoes, and the other one is either a watermelon or a squash. I'm leaning towards the watermelon. Both of the mystery plants look like a beefsteak tomatoes, but I've only had the pleasure of tasting one. One thing I do know for sure is that there are TONS of tomatoes and bunches of watermelons. The watermelon vine is so productive that it's making my sweet potatoes put up a real fight for space.

My garlic bulbs are doing fine. I won't be planting the Chinese green bean again. It is a cool looking 18-21" burgundy bean with a nice mile flavor but it's attracted a lot of bad bugs.

Yellow bell peppers are looking fabulous. Southern green beans, black eyed peas are doing okay.
There growing slowly.

Sweet potatoes plants look wonderful, and my sesame seed flowers are beautiful.

On a not so yummy note some animal stole my very first peach off the tree yesterday, my guess is it was a bird. The peaches are the right size, a beautiful color but they're still very much hard as rocks, good luck with that peach Mr. Bird.

All of this is of course done without chemicals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!