Monday, March 30, 2009

Distribution Day

Hello Healthy Families!!
The day has finally arrived with much anticipation. Our orders will be in, this Wednesday April 1st. YEA!!! Ok...this email is not only a reminder but also has a couple important updates.

We do have more families than we first thought we'd have. Thank you is a good thing!! Because of that, we will need extra prep time to ensure everyone's bags are ready to go, at pick-up time. So....our original time to pick up will be delayed by 30 mins. The pick up time will be from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. Please be sure to make it during that time. Any unpicked up bags will be taken to my house and will need to be picked up there.
Michelle has spoken to several people about special arrangements to pick up in Katy or later on at church Wednesday evening. If you are one of these people, or you need to make arrangements for special delivery....please send a reminder email!!! If you don't respond to this email, we'll see you during pick up time.

We look forward to meeting alot of you in person.

Kim & Michelle

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Will Be In Our Yummy Bags!!!!

What will be in our "Yummy Bags" on April 1, 2009

Romaine, Lettuce
Grape Tomatoes
Green Beans

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Intoduction Infomation

Hello Healthy Families of Houston, TX. Welcome, and thanks for visiting our Coop Blog!

The coop was created by two really awesome ladies Michelle Hernandez, and myself Kimberly Perry, in hopes of providing you with yummy produce from local farmers who grow in an organic way, and from certified organic farmers who may not be so local.

Our Goals

There are several goals of the Coop besides keeping a smile on our face. However two of the most important are to provide families with a large variety of pesticide free fruits and veggies and the second goal is to provide families with as much produce for their money as possible.

How This Works

Right now our bags cost $25 for two bags of produce and there is a $20 yearly member fee (or less then $2 a month). Included in your membership you will receive four coop bags that will be recycled every time you pick up your new bags. The fruits & veggies will be randomly chosen and a list of the produce will be provided to you each week here on the blog:-}
To become a member just send us an email letting us know your interested in joining and wait for an email confirmation. After your confirmation just mail in your member ship fee, along with your payment for your produce bags and show up :-}

When to Pick Up

The produce will be distributed every other Wednesday at Bridgepoint Bible Church, which is located at 13277 Katy Freeway Houston, Texas 77079.

Currently the tentative time is between 12-1:30, (but may change we'll keep you posted)
We'll be located in the kitchen of the church, located in gym.

As you enter the building, place your previous set of coop bags in our large coop box, and proceed to pick up your new bags. They will have your name on them, unless were using a brown paper bag.

Currently our first order due date is March 24, 2009 and our very first pick up date will be on April 1 2009.
Before leaving please check out with Michelle and place your order for next time, and that's it.


All orders must be pre-paid via, check, cash or paypal (note: Our paypal account is still under construction)

-Please make checks out to Michelle Hernandez or Kim Perry and all checks can be mailed to: Michelle Hernandes 22938 Provincial Blvd Katy, TX. 77450

-Please add an additional $1 to all paypal payments.

-As of now a limited amount of deliveries will be available within a few miles of the church for
one additional dollar, this service is geared towards helping families with infants, senior citizens & mobility impaired families or individuals.

* Extra produce is always expected to be available so if you missed the order date or your just looking for a few extra items you may be in luck


If your allergic to a particular fruit or veggie please let us know and well be more then happy to exchange that item.

If you just don't like an item please let us know and well be more then happy to substitute that item.

If ever you have a problem with your bag please let us know as soon as possible, and we'll try our best to make everything alright for you. We ask that you look in your bags before you leave to make sure everything looks great.

If your running really late or won't be able to pick up please try and call us. We can either leave the produce in the church kitchen or arrange for pick up to be made at one of the coop leaders homes.

Additional Info:

-Brown paper bags will be used if you forget your coop bag
-If there's any type of fruit or veggie that you would like to have please send us an email
-If you need more then 4 bags, additional bags can be purchased or you can use one of your own
-We can always use an extra hand so please volunteer
-In the future we hope to offer half bags & fruit bags as well, along with other cool health
items at discount prices.
-If you have a delivery and your not going to be home please place an iced cooler out side your door
-If the Wednesdays aren't working for you please let us know, were working with a partner
coop who offers a Saturday coop
-Often times we may have to exchange an item that is listed, we'll try not to do that but sometimes it does happen.

*Please note there are no refunds guys. We're so sorry but once we purchase an item it's ours, unless we can sell your bag..., and we will try.

How to Contact Us

Call us---210-748-3209


you can just leave a comment on the blog :-}

And did I mention that we can always use an extra hand? Please volunteer!

Special Thanks
From Kim

First I would like to thank God for allowing me to be brave enough to undertake this enormous task, along with all of you. Next I would also like to say thank to my family who is supportive in all I do. Thank you to Michelle for a whole bunch of reasons:-} Special thanks to Julie who is our partner Coop and was kind enough to eagerly extend her hand in friendship, of course My Mick who is the coolest farmer I know, and last but not least the very wonderful and kind Bridgepoint Bible Church.

Special Thanks From Michelle
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