Friday, May 29, 2009

A Big Thank You to Our Members

Thanks You Guys for Helping to make this CoOp a true success. As we are still in our formative stage, it is our goal to continue to make things better and we're always brain storming about ideals to make it better. We welcome any ideas, extra brown paper bags, and extra smiles.

We Are All The Future,

Kim & Michelle


  1. I'm not sure what font you used but I'm just showing symbols on my computer.

    As for your poll, I would love to see farm fresh veggies instead of the store grade. Several weeks ago most of my peaches were green, they never ripened.

  2. Hummm??????????? Sorry about your green ones. We distributed hundreds of peaches and I don't remember coming across any "green peaches" or complaints.

    We are still working to find a local supplier.
    The ones we've found are to far or only have root vegetables that the majority of people don't want all the time.

    We do have a sister CoOp who will be distributing local before us. Her pick up is on Saturdays & you are more then welcome to email me at "" and I will supply you with all of her contact information.

    Thanks for telling me about the font...we were able to get that corrected.

    Have A Blessed Weekend