Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Local Satsuma Oranges

Hello Everyone!!!

This is the time of year for Citrus. I'm sure you've driven by a yard or two with lots of oranges, ripening on the tree. Well, if your anything like me, you just wish you can pick one off and eat it right there...juices dripping down.

Back on track...we have found a local grower, one of my neighbors, who has a mini orchard of Satsuma Trees. They are juicy and delicious!! They are similar to the little cuties in the store but taste better. They peel extremely easy and have minimal seeds, if any to fuss with. These oranges have not had to be treated with absolutely anything and the only fertilizer he puts down is a vegetable based fertilizer in the spring. I have to stop my kids from eating them all and save some for tomorrow!!

They are $.99 lb. If you'd like us to reserve some for you, just send us a quick email...these little gems won't last too long. They are picking the trees today and we will have them available for pick-up tomorrow (Dec 2).

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